Ego Band on WVBR
Sep 2014 17

Our good friend Dan Cole, host of 93.5 WVBR‘s Tuesdays With the Band, invited us in to promote our upcoming record and our night of Led Zeppelin music at The Haunt on 9/27. Not only did we play six songs live on the air, we also debuted the first single from the new album, “Lucifer Falls.”

You can listen to the entire performance here, or just check out our cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Trampled Under Foot.” Thanks again to Dan and WVBR for letting us make our joyful noise!

SET LIST (songs by Lupowitz except where noted):

1. Jayne in a Bubble With the Devil Inside
2. Land of Peace and Love
3. Trampled Under Foot (Page/Plant/Jones)
4. The Haunt (Lupowitz/Goldman)
5. Big Ohio Bed
6. Queen of Soul

The Ego Band:
Samuel B. Lupowitz – keyboards, bass, vocals
Mandy Goldman – vocals
Joe Massa – electric guitar
Jimmy Rose – trumpet, backing vocals
Drew Serafini – bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Will Sigel – drums


Houses of the Holy at the Haunt
Jul 2014 08

There’s been much going on behind the scenes in Ego Band land, not the least of which is getting our new record into the mixing stage. But in the meantime, we’re indulging in a very fun diversion: playing an entire Led Zeppelin album live.

Performed live by Samuel B. Lupowitz & The Ego Band
with special guests
Friday, July 11
The Haunt
Ithaca, NY

Recording Update #1
Mar 2014 31

Sam and the Ego Band have been in and out of the studio for about three weeks, and it’s about time you get to see some more behind-the-scenes action. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been working on.