Join me At the Festival!
Oct 2019 31

Noon Fifteen’s new record is available now for Halloween. 

Hi everyone!

Fall is upon us, and I’m so excited to unveil the latest project I’ve been working on. It’s a 22-minute, continuous suite of music called At the Festivalmostly written by my friend and bandmate Harry Nichols, with some additional music and lyrics from me. Our band Noon Fifteen has been hard at work recording this piece since late last year, after a lengthy period of honing it in rehearsal and onstage.

At the Festival tells the story of a man in mourning whose trip to a music festival takes a turn toward the supernatural. So, naturally, we’re releasing it on Halloween! There are a few ways you can listen:

You can learn more in some of the great writeups we got this week in New Music FridayNYS Music, and the Ithaca Journal.

Harry, Mandy, Joe, Phil and I are so proud and excited to unveil At the Festival. We hope you enjoy.


Jul 2019 03

The Julyfecta0

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Happy summer, friends!

July is frequently my busiest musical month of the year, and 2019 is no exception. On top of my usual glut of performances, my band Noon Fifteen is releasing three new songs to coincide with our three summer shows in the Ithaca area (in which we will also attempt to play three sets without repeating any material).

The songs will be part of the next Noon Fifteen collection, which will be called, fittingly, Finish What You StartedSubscribe to the band on YouTube or your favorite podcasting app now to keep up with each release! You can also watch the first interactive video, “The Tick,” a little bit ahead of its official July 4th release! We filmed these new videos with a 360 camera, with exciting results (it’s especially fun to watch on a phone). We hope you enjoy.

On that note, here are the other places you can catch me around central New York this summer:

Thursday, July 4th, 6pmNoon Fifteen @ Six Mile Creek Vineyard, Ithaca, NY
Friday, July 12th, 6pmNoon Fifteen  @ Hopshire Farm and Brewery, Freeville, NY
Sunday, July 14th, 7:30pm: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Celebration @ Rec Park Fest, Binghamton, NY
Friday, July 19th, 9:30pmJulia Felice and the Whiskey Crisis @ Ransom Steele Tavern, Apalachin, NY
Sunday, July 21st, 2pm: Sam & Mandy @ Six Mile Creek Vineyard, Ithaca, NY
Thursday, July 25th, 6pmNoon Fifteen @ CFCU Summer Concert Series, Ithaca, NY (w/ Kitestring)
Saturday, July 27th, 6pmBig Soul Family Band @ Americana Vineyards, Interlaken, NY
Saturday, August 24th, 6pmThru Spectrums @ Americana Vineyards, Interlaken, NY

I won’t be bored. If you’re in town, I hope I get to see you. Otherwise, enjoy the new music!


Gaibelball: The Samples
May 2019 06

Last month, I played an especially meaningful, emotional show. It was a tribute to a friend I recently lost, Dan Gaibel, with whom I worked for two years at the Cornell University Language Resource Center. I had known Dan casually before he hired me, through the Ithaca music community, but during our time working together, he became a close friend, a mentor, and an older brother to me. In May of 2018, he was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic melanoma. He passed away on March 30th, 2019.

Many people loved Dan as I did, and even before he passed, some fellow musicians conspired to put together a tribute concert for him, which would also raise money for his family (Dan and his wife had adopted a young boy from South Korea in the spring of 2017). We called the event Gaibelball (as a nod to Dan’s favorite band, Phish), and it took place on April 28th, 2019. In addition to performing with my own bands Noon Fifteen and Thru Spectrums, I sat in with Dan’s former band, Spacetrain. My stalwart friend Joe Massa heroically learned Dan’s old guitar parts for the latter set.

In addition to singing and playing keyboards, I decided to honor Dan by triggering various dialogue samples and sound effects from my laptop, something Dan did often onstage. For this show, though, all of the samples were of Dan himself, playing guitar and talking about his music, his life, and his illness.

Many of these samples are pulled from a series of video journals that Dan recorded between May of 2018 and February of 2019. After beginning hospice care, Dan designated me “steward of his data,” which as far as I knew referred specifically to his unreleased music with Spacetrain. Almost as an afterthought (though I’m sure it was deliberate and premeditated), he also gave me these journals: “I was going to turn them into a podcast . . . do whatever you like with them . . . turn them into a music project or something.”

I hope to do more with them in the future, because what’s presented here is the tip of the iceberg. But in the immediate aftermath of Dan’s passing, I was, indeed, able to incorporate his recordings into a music project, paying tribute to the man himself. Here’s everything I used at the Gaibelball show, during the sets by Noon Fifteen, Thru Spectrums, and Spacetrain.

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