Music and Travel in February
Feb 2017 01

February is upon us, and I have some music to (hopefully) brighten your day a bit.

Last month marked the third annual NPR Tiny Desk Concert contest, and two of my musical groups submitted some homemade videos!

Here’s Noon Fifteen with an original composition, Even If:

…and Thru Spectrums with To the Daylight (from our new album that will be released this May)

…click here to read more!

Happy New Year from SBL!
Jan 2017 15

It’s been a few weeks since 2017 began, but my Christmas tree is still up, so I stand by my greeting.

It’s been some time since I’ve sent out a music e-mail. It’s not for lack of activity — in fact, 2016 was one of my busiest yet for performing in my various bands and projects (as well as a number of sit-ins and guest spots), and I also spent a lot of time in the recording studio.

But 2017 promises to have a little more to show for it. [..]

Introducing NOON FIFTEEN
May 2016 02

There’s been plenty going on that I haven’t been posting about over the past few months, including a lot of time in the studio with Thru Spectrums and Julia Felice and the Whiskey Crisis.

But I’m very excited to introduce Noon Fifteen, the new musical endeavor I’m working on with Ego Band vocalist and my best girl Mandy Goldman, as well as frequent collaborators Joe Massa (guitar) and Harry Nichols (vocals, bass, and pretty much anything else).

Since a few longtime, core members of the Ego Band moved on to new towns and new opportunities during my tenure with The Blind Spots, Mandy and I decided the time was right to start the collaborative effort we’ve been moving toward outside the realm of “Sam’s solo project.” Noon Fifteen will continue the tradition of groovy, soulful, quirky, melodious rock and roll that the Ego Band had going, but the five-piece will be a little leaner and meaner, with an emphasis on interweaving vocals. Mandy and I both have a penchant for harmonizing, and anyone familiar with Harry’s solo work knows that he’s the king.

To that end, we have a bunch of brand new music we’ve been incubating — songs I’ve written, songs Mandy has written, songs Harry has written, and songs we’ve all collaborated on. Mandy, Joe, Harry, and I will be joined by drummer Chris Armitage to debut about half a dozen of these new tunes on WVBR’s Tuesdays with the Band tomorrow (5/3). We’ll then be performing in front of a crowd for the first time at the place where the Ego Band got started, the Nines in Ithaca, on Saturday, 5/7, along with Brooklyn dark-pop outfit The Junkie Twins.

Tune into WVBR online at at 6:15 EST on Tuesday, May 3rd. If you’re near the Ithaca area, drop by the Nines this Saturday, May 7th. If you’re not near the Ithaca area, well, tell us when and were to come and we’ll make it happen.

I’m so excited for this new phase of music making. If you’re so inclined, you can like Noon Fifteen on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. A website is forthcoming. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support.