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Forty-four years after the Fab Four’s final performance, local musicians celebrate the legendary band’s influence at the Nines.

ITHACA, NY — The Beatles gave their last concert, an impromptu set on the roof of the Apple Records building in London, on January 30th, 1969.  On February 1st this year, Ithaca-based musicians and bands will take the stage at the Nines in Collegetown at 10pm pay tribute to the uniquely low-profile swan song of the biggest band in history.

“What could have been a sensational media spectacle became something much more organic: a couple of guys setting up their gear and playing some music they wrote to entertain themselves and whoever was around to listen,” says Samuel B. Lupowitz, a local singer, songwriter, pianist, and organizer of the Nines show.  “They just happened to be the most celebrated songwriting and recording team of the decade.”

Rather than recreate the roof’s brief concert of songs from the hostile Let It Be sessions, the evening’s performers will intermingle their own material with selected covers from the Beatles canon in order to highlight the band’s continuing influence on contemporary musicians.

The evening’s lineup includes Samuel B. Lupowitz & The Ego Band, a classic rock/soul group whose debut record, Songs to Make You Wealthier and More Attractive, made the Ithaca Journal’s list of best local CDs of 2012.  Lupowitz and the band band are all Ithaca College alumni and students.  Will Shishmanian, the IC-based singer-songwriter and composer whose Lesbian Fairytale Musical received community acclaim last year, will perform an acoustic set, accompanied by Erin Snedecor on the cello.  Lastly, Cornell-based jam-rock band 3Unit will make their debut at the Nines.

“This is all about people who write their own songs playing live and giving nods to musical influences from the past,” says Lupowitz.  “The Beatles did that to great success the 1960s, and we’re all honored, in our own small way, to be continuing the tradition.”

The Beatles Rooftop Concert: A 44th Anniversary Celebration takes place at 10pm on Friday, February 1st at The Nines on 311 College Avenue.  The show is all ages and admission is $5.


If you’d like more information about this performance, or to schedule an interview with Samuel B. Lupowitz, please call 610-468-3888 or e-mail sbl@samuelblupowitz.com.


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