Restless Elements triumph at Grassroots
Jul 2013 25

Sam, Mandy, and Jimmy from the Ego Band joined Alan Rose and the Restless Elements at this past weekend’s Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance, playing to a packed crowd that danced up a storm.

Alan and the Elements’ performance earned them a spot on the Ithaca Journal’s list of top ten sets at the festival.  Many thanks to Jim Catalano for his high praise!

You can check out a clip from the set on YouTube; more footage should be appearing as the days go on.

Alan and the band followed up Grassroots with a visit to WVBR‘s Tuesdays With the Band.  They performed a few songs live, and there was even a musical shoutout to Songs to Make You Wealthier and More Attractive. If you missed it, you can listen to the podcast here.

Alan Rose and the Restless Elements’ current lineup will next play at The Nines on Friday, August 30th, to ring in Labor Day Weekend.  SBL & the Ego Band are also on the bill (that’s right, two nine-piece bands with horn sections).

If you can’t wait that long, Sam and company will be at the Nines this Saturday, July 27th with Fall Creek Brass Band, another group featuring some moonlighting Restless Elements.  Music starts at 10pm; $5 cover.

Playing Grassroots was a treat (SBL even showed up in the Songwriters Circle as a last minute addition), so here’s hoping for an Ego Band slot in the not-too-distant future…

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