Songs to Make You Wealthier and More Attractive

Released September 4th, 2012

The debut album by Samuel B. Lupowitz & The Ego Band combines the high-energy, piano-driven songcraft of Elton John, Ben Folds, and the Beatles with the rootsy soulfulness of The Band and the Allman Brothers.

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All songs composed by Samuel B. Lupowitz
except “Ache and Rain” by Natalie Bell & Samuel B. Lupowitz
All songs published by Kugel Music (ASCAP)
Recordings copyright © 2012 Samuel B. Lupowitz

Produced by Samuel B. Lupowitz
Basic tracks (except track 3) recorded and engineered by Jack Simons at Funisound Studios, Hadley, MA
“Ache and Rain” plus string section, horn section, and other overdubs recorded and engineered by Ned Singh & Jason Peterson with Sampson Bandes at Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY.
Further guerilla overdubs recorded by Samuel B. Lupowitz and Josh Rollin around the Ithaca area.
Additional engineering and generous technical assistance by David “Funis” Simons

Mixed by Mark Hennessey
Mastered by Peter LaGrasse at Static Productions, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

String, brass, woodwind, and vocal arrangements by Samuel B. Lupowitz

Art design by J.P. Feenstra
Photography by Michele Fortier
Additional photography by Ned Singh, Talia Koren, and Hannah Vig


The Ego Band:
Samuel B. Lupowitz – vocals, piano, electric piano, bass, organ
Will Gelder – guitars, bass, vocals
Jason MacDermott – drums
Josh Rollin – trumpet, accordion, keyboards, percussion, vocals

Jack Simons – additional vocals, technical wizardry, Fifth Ego
Jessie Linden – pitched and unpitched percussion (tracks 2, 3, 5, 9, and 10)
Emily Eagan – flute (track 6)
J.P. Feenstra – congas (tracks 8 and 10), additional drums (track 10)
Greg Evans – tambourine (track 10)

The Small Bear Singers (backing vocals on tracks 1*, 3†, 9†, and 10)
Namarah Anjel†
Felicia Barrett*
Mandy Goldman*†
Elyse Wadsworth†
K.C. Weston†

The Super-Ego Strings (tracks 2* and 10)
Brian Schmidt – violin*
Joe D’Esposito – violin*
Erin Snedecor – cello*
Thillman Benham – cello

The Id Horns (track 7)
Jimmy Rose – trumpet
Josh Rollin – trumpet
Jeff Chilton – trombone
Alec Staples – baritone saxophone

Special thanks to:

Paula & David Simons for food, housing, studio space, and support
Will Shishmanian for traveling microphone usage
Ned, JP, Sampson, and Ithaca College Sound Recording Technology
Kevin Murphy for appearing on the cover
All the musicians, artists, family, and friends who contributed to this mammoth effort

and most importantly…
Our wonderful Kickstarter backers:
Amanda Duncan
Benjamin Tier
Jeremy A. Lupowitz
David Glietz
Natalie Buchinski
William M. Fuentes
Morgan Goldstein
Mark Hennessey
Zachary Anderson
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Robin & Jeffrey Lupowitz
Amanda Roth
Chris Kennedy
Carol Schoener
Linda Lupowitz
Judy Hennessey
Bob & Lisa Stoyko
Vickie Woodhead
Erik Johanson
Karen Johanson
Angela & Rick Miller
Ericka Smith-Schubart
Pam Kragness
Meghan McNeill
Stef Brok & Phil Yoder
Avery Carpenter
Ilene Patasnik
Romayne Keener
Amanda Goldman
Alyssa Hume
Dave Cooper
Heather Rowley
Elizabeth Bleicher
Mary Rose Feldman
Claire Gleitman
Dane E. Kragness
Lester Koh
Alex Brubaker
JP Feenstra
Jordan DeLong
Claude Rollin
Matt Goldman & Ann Pearson
And a few other generous souls who wish to remain anonymous.

You made this record release possible!