Released September 2011

The second record by The Flying Pigs, the indie-rock collaboration between Samuel B. Lupowitz, Mark Hennessey, Benjamin Tier, and J.P. Feenstra. A more cohesive effort than their debut, Same Place Next Year highlights the influences of classic rockers like Led Zeppelin and Queen while maintaining the eclecticism that made the band unique.

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J.P. Feenstra – drums, percussion, vocals
Mark Hennessey – guitars, brass, synths, harmonica, vocals
Samuel B. Lupowitz – bass, keyboards, vocals
Benjamin Tier – guitars, banjo, vocals

R. David Cooper – trumpet on “Lensful of Molly”
Tyler Parmer – anchor voice on “Lensful of Molly”
Nicole Gillotti – fiddle on “Tailored to Win”
Bear – driving; how can that be?

Produced, Arranged, and Performed by The Flying Pigs
Recorded and Engineered by Mark Hennessey & The Flying Pigs
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Hennessey at Dweephor Studios, Sinking Spring, PA
Artwork, Photography, and Design by J.P. Feenstra
Strings and Horns Arranged by Samuel B. Lupowitz
Existential Perspective Provided by Benjamin Tier

Tracks 1, 5, 8, and 10: Words and Music by Mark Hennessey. Published by Hennessongs (ASCAP).
Tracks 2, 4, 7, and 12: Words and Music by Samuel B. Lupowitz. Published by Kugel Music (ASCAP).
Tracks 3, 6, 9, and 11: Words and Music by Benjamin Tier. Published by Dien Bien Phunk (ASCAP).
Track 13: Words and Music by Benjamin Tier and Samuel B. Lupowitz. Published by Dien Bien Phunk (ASCAP) and Kugel Music (ASCAP).

Recordings copyright © 2011 The Flying Pigs
All rights reserved

THE FLYING PIGS would like to thank:

Duquesne University, Emmie Hood, Molly Bierman, Christianity, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Maria Kowalski, Tom Shugar, Lauren Lombardo, Bill Barsh, Mandy Goldman, Seana Benz, the Kragness family, and (last but not least) the Feenstra, Hennessey, Lupowitz, and Tier families for their unwavering support and/or vague tolerance.