Join me At the Festival!
Oct 2019 31

Noon Fifteen’s new record is available now for Halloween. 

Hi everyone!

Fall is upon us, and I’m so excited to unveil the latest project I’ve been working on. It’s a 22-minute, continuous suite of music called At the Festivalmostly written by my friend and bandmate Harry Nichols, with some additional music and lyrics from me. Our band Noon Fifteen has been hard at work recording this piece since late last year, after a lengthy period of honing it in rehearsal and onstage.

At the Festival tells the story of a man in mourning whose trip to a music festival takes a turn toward the supernatural. So, naturally, we’re releasing it on Halloween! There are a few ways you can listen:

You can learn more in some of the great writeups we got this week in New Music FridayNYS Music, and the Ithaca Journal.

Harry, Mandy, Joe, Phil and I are so proud and excited to unveil At the Festival. We hope you enjoy.


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