Ithaca music awards honor SBL & Ego Band
Dec 2015 29

Music is the most fun thing in the world, but booking gigs and rehearsing and traveling and making records comes with its fair share of mental, emotional, and physical turmoil. So it’s always a great joy to be recognized for what you do.

Thanksfully, the Ithaca music scene is lucky to have such a dedicated supporter in the Ithaca Journal‘s Jim Catalano, whose annual “Jimmies” reflect on the many highs of the calendar year for the scene.

We here in Ego Band land are proud to announce that Ten Square Miles was voted one of the top local CDs of 2015. Catalano writes: “Lupowitz and band swung for the fences on this love letter to Ithaca and succeeded — especially on songs such as ‘Green Street Blues,’ ‘Lucifer Falls‘ and the epic closer ‘City on the Hill.'”

City on the Hill” was also voted one of the Songs of the Year — a great honor for an ambitious eight-minute suite that almost didn’t make the record!

But that’s not all. Because Jim Catalano is a mensch, SBL was voted “Most Valuable Player” on the Ithaca music scene (in a category that included some world-class musicians) for his 2015 contributions to Julia Felice and the Whiskey Crisis, Alan Rose and the Restless Elements, the Jeff Love Band, Thru Spectrums, and The Blind Spots, in addition to leading the Ego Band. Honorable mentions in the category include Ego Band/Thru Spectrums/Jeff Love Band guitarist Joe Massa and the ever-versatile Harry Nichols.

Ego Band vocalist Mandy Goldman also received an honorable mention for Best Female Vocalist — not too shabby for her first appearance singing lead on a record (and surely not her last).

Sam’s compadres in The Blind Spots were also heavily awarded for what they were cooking up prior to his time on keys, with the #2 local record of the year with Rhizomatic as well as one of the Songs of the Year with “Song for Leyla.” The incomparable Maddy Walsh also appeared in the Best Female Vocalist category.

You can read the whole story here.

So all in all… not a bad year, eh?

Happy New Year to all! Now to look ahead to all the music that 2016 will bring.

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