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2017, we hardly knew ye

A few end-of-year updates from me

This is a thing that happened. Photo by random passerby, luckily.

Hi everyone! As you can see, it’s not the usual music photo in the header… many of you heard the news in October, but I thought I’d make sure everyone was up to speed that Mandy and I are getting married!

So that’s a big part of what’s been going on, but as we close out 2017 doing our best to be beacons of love, art, and justice in this insane world, I wanted to do a bit of promo for the other adventure Mandy and I have embarked on…

Design by JP Feenstra, as usual

The first record by our band, Noon Fifteen, is out this Saturday, December 9th! You can pre-order it now.

But there’s more — we’re also releasing a podcast. Each weekly episode investigates the writing and recording of one of our songs (and we tell some bad jokes along the way). At the end, you hear the finished track. You can subscribe on iTunes or Google Play or wherever you like to do the podcast thing.

And finally, there’s the video version of the record! We’ll be releasing an in-studio performance of each song off of Volume 1You can watch “Knock Knock Knock” now, and subscribe on YouTube to see the videos as they appear!


Of course, we’ll also be playing a release show, and it’s at 7pm this Saturday in Ithaca at the Carriage House Loft. One of my personal musical heroes, Jon Petronzio, will be playing the opening set.

This six-song set represents my first endeavor as a recording engineer. It’s also a result of a collaboration with some of my closest friends and musical collaborators, including my partner-for-life. I put out three records this year, with three different bands. I’m very proud.

I hope you all have something you’re proud of this year, too. Enjoy your holidays, and let’s hope for a brighter 2018.


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